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 Vulnerabilty (score): 0-100 


The total biome vulnerability score is identified from the within-cell shares of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ecoregions. It is one of the indicators in the World Bank’s open-access Terrestrial Biodiversity database, which was constructed by integrating comprehensive information from overlapping habitat maps of 6,532 amphibians, 5,435 mammals, 4,291 reptiles, and 11,126 birds. These authoritative habitat maps represent all known and catalogued species in each area from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Birdlife International, as well as information on 827 distinctive ecoregions from the WWF covering the entire terrestrial world. The database provides measures for each square kilometer of global territory. 

The World Bank Group

Source data


Biodiversity indicator values (scores) for grid cells at 1-kilometer resolution, derived from over 25,000 range maps of species provided by IUCN and Birdlife International. The raw data from the range maps are unpublished and not for public distribution. The data were provided to the World Bank by IUCN and Birdlife International under agreements including the condition that the raw data would not be divulged. .

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1000 m spatial resolution 

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Reference year: 2019