Total tree carrying potential


Total tree carrying potential 

Represented range

Canopy cover

0% – 100% 


This map represents the tree restoration potential of the Earth, at 1-km resolution. Each pixel value corresponds therefore to the potential for tree restoration for any combination of 5 climatic (worldclim 2), 2 topographic (SRTM) and 3 edaphic variables (soilgrid) : annual mean temperature, mean temperature of the wettest quarter, annual precipitation, precipitation seasonality, precipitation of the driest quarter, elevation, hillshade, soil organic carbon, soil sand content and the depth to bedrock. The map is the result of the difference between the total potential tree cover of the planet, current tree cover (v1.4 from Matt Hansen), cropland and urban areas (Globcover 2009). 

Crowther Lab in ETH-Zurich

Source data

Crowther Lab in ETH-Zurich

 The global tree restoration potential


The Crowther Lab in ETH-Zurich is a interdisciplinary research group developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of global-scale ecology in order to understand and address climate change.

The map was originally produced by Jean-Francois Bastin and Devin Routh and is illustrated as Figure 2B in “the global tree restoration potential” (Bastin et al. 2019, Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aax0848).

This work is the result of a study supported and conducted within the Crowther Lab in ETH-Zurich, directed by Thomas W. Crowther. 

Spatial resolution 

Global coverage

Pixel size:

1000 m x 1000 m

Temporal resolution

Period of observation: