Global Forest Canopy Height


Global Forest Canopy Height

Represented range

Global Forest Canopy Height:

3.0 m – 30 m 


A new, 30 m spatial resolution global forest canopy height map was developed through the integration of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar forest structure measurements and Landsat analysis-ready data time-series (Landsat ARD). The GEDI RH95 (relative height at 95%) metric was used to calibrate the model. The Landsat multi-temporal metrics that represent the surface phenology serve as the independent variables. The “moving window” locally calibrated and applied regression tree ensemble model was implemented to ensure high quality of forest height prediction and global map consistency. The model was extrapolated in the boreal regions (beyond the GEDI data range, 52°N to 52°S) to create the global forest height prototype map. 

University of Maryland (UMD GLAD)


The Global Land Analysis and Discover team at the University of Maryland (UMD GLAD) integrated the GEDI data available to date (April-October 2019) with the year 2019 Landsat analysis-ready time-series data (Landsat ARD).  

Spatial resolution 

Global coverage

Pixel size:

30 m x 30 m

Temporal resolution

Period of observation: